We assess the threats and take appropriate action with our clients who may be targets of those threats

Respond is the final stage when information security experts and IT personnel respond to security incidents and breaches; and on occasion, they would conduct digital forensic investigations. The designated specialists would perform disaster recovery and business continuity activities to restore normal operations.

Our security operations center monitors hundreds of cyber threats as they occur around the world. We assess the threats and take appropriate action with our clients who may be targets of those threats. We respond to information security breaches and assist you in eradicating them. We respond to incidents and investigate their sources and root causes.


Before an incident occurs, we assemble a team of information security experts who are responsible for handling incidents you may encounter. We'll monitor systems for security breaches and we'll serve as a central communication hub for receiving reports of security incidents and disseminating vital information to the concerned parties about the secuirty incidents.  We'll document security incidents and help promote security awareness within your organization to reduce the probability of the occurence of incidents from occurring in your organization.
Getting your organization back up and running will be our priority should an information security incident occurs. Security intrusions and data theft can be devastating to an organization and we'll work diligently to reduce their impact on your operations.  Although most situations requiring forensic expertise will be challenging to manage and difficult to resolve.  You can rely on us to help you determine the root cause of the incident and to reduce the likelihood of it recurrence.  No matter how complicated your forensic cases, we'll work on bring them to a successful resolution.