We help you train your staff and raise their awareness level.

Education, training, and awareness are a major pillar of a solid information security strategy.  Your human resources are your first line of defense against cyber-threats.  We help you train your staff and raise their awareness level to better prepare them for facing the various information security threats you will most likely be encountering.

Education is critical to an efficient information security strategy. You must hold your employees accountable for their actions by communicating your information security policy to all users.  We'll help you build in-depth knowledge to design, implement, and operate security programs for your organization.  Information security education enables you to develop the skills and knowledge of your users so that they can perform their jobs using your enterprise systems securely.
We provide you with Web-based training so that your employees take training on their own based on their preferred schedule. We design the content to be modular so that employees are able to attend in multiple short sessions.  We tailor the module assignments to address specific audiences and offer consistent training across your entire organization regardless of language and location.  Most important, we track each attendee's training completion for compliance reporting purposes.
Information security awareness is the most important defense against the ever-growing cyber threats. Information security education improves employee awareness of the need to protect the systems and resources of the organization.