Vulnerability Assessment

Our aim is to protect your environment from external and internal threats

Over the years, we have acquired significant experience in the electronic and network security field. Our aim is to protect your environment from external and internal threats. Your corporate data and infrastructure are safeguarded from harm and tampering by designing and implementing adequate security solutions. Our Internal and External Vulnerability Assessment services identify and verify the current network and host vulnerabilities in the systems on your network. This process provides an in-depth understanding of security-related weaknesses and exposures in your IT environment.

We conduct Internal Vulnerability Assessments to determine the difference between the assessed equipment and the commissioned equipment list that you provide. We'll identify known and potential vulnerabilities in different layers of a computer/server system such as operating systems vulnerabilities, installed applications vulnerabilities, and installed services vulnerabilities such as Web servers, DNS, DHCP, as well as vulnerabilities in the network node devices and security node devices.

The Internal Vulnerability Assessment is conducted inside your facilities, and the networking components in scope include Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Servers, Hosts, and more.